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Why I Didn’t Post This Pumpkin Recipe

Debra Redalia


For years I have been making pumpkin recipes and posting them on various food blogs I have had.

There was one that really stood out above the rest. On the original post I wrote:

This is hands-down the best best best pumpkin recipe on the planet! It is just one of those serendipitous “accidents” that resulted from trying to modify a recipe from Southern Living magazine that called for boxed cake mix. It didn’t work out as I expected, but turned out even better!

I highly recommend it as an alternative to pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. Instead of crust, the standard pumpkin pie filling contains morsels of sweet spiced pecans throughout. Mmmmmmmm! The only problem with this recipe is that it is really hard to stop eating it! I brought the test recipe to a pot luck dinner and a friend took one bite and said, “Forget the rest! I’m just having a big plate of this for dinner!” After developing this recipe that year, we served it for our Thanksgiving dinner and it was a hit.


I used to love this. It’s basically pumpkin custard, but instead of putting it in a pie shell, you make these sugary spiced pecans and drop globs of them on top. They kind of melt into the custard while it bakes and creates a crisp layer of sugar on top, like cream brulee. It really is oh so good.

Or at least it used to be. Now, my tastes and food philosophy has changed.

Now in 2020, here on the Wholefood Cuisine food blog, I’m not going to give it to you. I was all excited about it and even made it again with new tweaks for wholefood ingredients, but after I made it and ate it, in the middle of the night I woke up. Larry was awake too and I told him, “I’m not going to publish this.”

There were several reasons, but two were most important.

First, we ate the whole thing. The original recipe was for a 13″ x 9″ baking dish. I make half the recipe. And we ate it all between the two of us in one sitting. We could not control ourselves. I remembered recently hearing celebrity chef Bobby Flay say, “I want food with so much flavor I can’t stop eating it. i want to think about it the next day and go right back to the restaurant and eat it again.” Well, Bobby Flay would love this dessert for that reason. But I don’t want to be compelled by food to eat it. I want the food I eat to be a pleasure, but I want to be in charge of what I put in my mouth. Not to be a slave to the food. Being a slave is what industrial food is all about. You have to eat it uncontrollably. You have to have more and more. Wholefood cuisine is about eating food that nourishes your body in an enjoyable way. You get to choose how much you eat and when you eat because you are feeding your body instead of following your body’s cravings.

Second, even though we ate all of it with great speed and desire, actually it gave us no satisfaction. But it did give me the opportunity to learn something about satisfaction. I looked up the word in the dictionary.

There are two levels of satisfaction.

  1. the fulfillment of desires and appetites (of the body).
  2. the fulfillment of one’s most fundamental needs and intentions for survival (of the spirit). Really, this definition was in the dictionary.

Certainly, this recipe fulfilled satisfaction of definition 1, but it definitely did NOT fulfill satisfaction for definition 2.

Wholefood Cuisine is about definition 2: satisfaction that fulfills our needs in a way that results in survival. So much in our world satisfies only our desires and appetites, but does not bring the deep satisfaction one can feel when we’ve made the right choice of food that will help our bodies survive—not just be alive, but be happy and healthy and thrive.

Yes, it is dessert. But I believe dessert should still be good for you. See all my other pumpkin recipes. They are good wholefoods.

The point for me is: my conscience wouldn’t let me give this recipe to you. Even though this recipe looked good on paper, it didn’t feel right in my heart, it didn’t feel good in my body, and didn’t really follow the wholefood philosophy.

Looking at all my old recipes from previous blogs, I can see the progression. First, i simply wanted to eliminate refined white sugar and use the new natural sweeteners instead. Next I wanted to eliminate refined grains and eat paleo. And now I’ve come to a way of eating that gives me pleasure to eat and produces a healthy body.

There’s no need to go back to foods that don’t satisfy at the deepest level, when there are so many satisfying things to eat.