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Whole Watermelon

Debra Redalia


When I was a child, I ate a lot of watermelon. I often visited my grandparents during the summer in the hot Central Valley of California, and watermelon was one of my grandfather’s favorite foods.

A few days ago Larry and I bought a big organic watermelon and it’s delicious. Larry likes to cut it open and scoop out little melon balls for us.

Watermelon.org has done a great job of showing us how to use the whole watermelon in many great ways.

While some of the recipes don’t fit my wholefood cuisine philosophy, many of them do, including:

And take a look at how to Use The Whole Watermelon —the flesh, the juice, and even the rind.

Watermelon is a healthy, whole food. Make the most of it while it’s in season. I know we will.

Oh, and by the way, my grandfather taught me how to choose a sweet ripe watermelon and I’ve never picked a bad one. Knock on the watermelon a few times. If the sound is deep, it’s ripe. Try a few so you can hear the difference. Also if it has little “scabs” on it, those are “sugar spots,” and those show this watermelon is really sweet.