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Whole-Fat “Peanut Sauce” Salad Dressing From the Bottom of the Nut Butter Jar

Debra Redalia


The other day a subject line on an email caught my eye: How to Turn an Almost-Empty Peanut Butter Jar Into Dinner I had to click through and find out what they were suggesting.

There was no recipe. It was about making a sauce in the peanut butter jar that could then be used in a variety of dishes.

I subscribe to about a dozen recipe lists of different types, just for technique ideas I can modify to meet my needs, and this one is great.

Here’s how to make this. When you get to the bottom of the nut butter jar (any type of nut butter will do) and there is only a tablespoon or two of nut butter left, add an equal part warm water and stir well with a spoon. It takes about a minute of stirring. You’ll end up with a lovely creamy dressing without adding any oil. Yes it has fat from the nuts, but I call this “whole-fat” because it is in it’s whole form as it occurs in nature, with all it’s co-factors that aid digestion and utilization of the fat still intact. If you want the dressing to be thinner, you can add more water, but wait—we’re going to add a new more ingredients.

I added a bit of vinegar, a bit of honey, soy sauce, and a sprinkle of crushed red pepper flakes. It was so delicious I had to immediately make a salad of Panisse lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, and spring onions. So good!

But you can instead make it a sweet sauce by adding honey only or maple syrup. Maybe vanilla. And dip some apples. I can’t wait to try this.

And you don’t have to wait until you get to the bottom of the jar. You can make this anytime with a couple of tablespoons of whatever nut butter you have on hand.

I wanted to give you this as an example of how I cook by picking up whatever ideas are around me and whatever foods are available and creating a “dish-of-the-moment.”

You can do this too.

I made this with the almond butter at the bottom of a jar of The Philosopher’s Stoneground Sprouted Almond Butter—Naked Crunchy . It’s better than any almond butter you’ve ever tasted.

“We created a butter that features the naturally sweeter flavor of sprouted organic almonds with a whisper of residual sea salt from our soaking process. The magical and mysterious enzymatic processes of life pre-digest some of the almond carbohydrates and create a multidimensional living flavor experience.”

This is my favorite almond butter of all time. I tasted it at the National Heirloom Expo and instantly fell in love. It is unlike any other nut butter or any kind I’ve ever tasted. I had to hug the man that created it. It tastes alive. That was about two years ago. I’ve purchased and eaten a jar of this sprouted almond butter every week since. Usually I just spoon it out of the jar, but now I’m going to alternate making salad dressing. Wow.