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What Happened When I Stopped Preparing My Own Food While Recovering From a Broken Kneecap

Debra Redalia


Since 19 July, I have been in bed with a broken kneecap, my left leg in a brace like the one pictured above. I tripped and fell, actually in a restaurant, of all places.

I have only just been out of bed for about ten days now. My bone is healed so now it’s time for physical therapy to strengthen my leg muscles so I can walk again. I can stand and walk a bit, though my legs are wobbly, like a newborn calf. But I can, finally, stand long enough to prepare simple foods. I can chop potatoes, and shell beans, and make a salad. Nothing complicated, but I can again begin to prepare my own food.

Over the past two months, Larry has been preparing all the food for us, and I’ve learned a few things.

First, more than one person in a household should know how to cook. Because when the cook can’t cook, the other person needs to take over. That Larry could only make a few simple things resulted in our needing to eat more industrial foods than I would have preferred, and we were forced to eat less whole.

Second, we ended up spending a lot more money on food—like 50% more. I hadn’t realized how much money we had been saving when I was preparing three meals a day from fresh, whole, organic foods. Even now eating things like canned soup and deli sandwiches made our food expense go way up. We weren’t even eating in restaurants, just packaged foods and take-out. We had been allocating $100 cash each week for food for both of us and usually spent most of it. But starting that first week I was in bed, we had to spend more, and that has continued for eight weeks.

Third, it was just impossible for us to stay on our preferred whole food diet. And we couldn’t at all stay on our Rice Diet Revival diet to lose more weight. Not that I should be losing weight while my body was healing a leg bone. That was difficult enough. But there was just too much disruption for any kind of order around food. Larry was taking care of me 24/7 and he also had to feed me and himself.

But despite all the erratic food we ate, in the end, when I finally weighed my body after two months, it had gained only two pounds! And my blood sugar had gone up only 40 points. I think all the wholefood eating that I had been doing before had changed my body.

And I was eating a lot less. My stomach definitely shrank. I now eat only about half of what I was eating when I started this blog.

At this time, I’m starting to pay attention to what we are eating again. I’m deciding what we will eat and Larry and I prepare it together.

I’m really looking forward to being functional full time again. I think it will be about another month or so. It takes time for muscles to heal to and for my body to regain strength.

But at least I’m getting stronger and more able every day. This week, after all, I am able to write and post a few posts!

As I am preparing and eating more wholefood day by day I am loving it and not wanting to eat those other foods I was eating while I couldn’t cook. I’m definitely on the right track with wholefoods!