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The Woodrose Cafe

Debra Redalia


Larry and I are housesitting in a remote area of Norther California called “The Lost Coast” because it is so rugged they couldn’t build a highway here.

Having settled in late in the day on Saturday, on Sunday we went into Garberville to find out what was available for supplies.

There are half a dozen restaurants in Garberville, but at that moment on a Sunday, in the year of covid, only one was open. And it turned out to be the perfect restaurant for us, of course.

The Woodrise Cafe has been providing organic food to the town of Garberville and it’s many summer tourists for more than 40 years. Their commitment to organic, local, and general support of the environment is stated on every menu (see end of post). But in addition, the food is delicious and the service friendly and efficient. In my opinion it’s just a model of what a community restaurant should be in every way. [Except for one thing. It would be a little pricey for us to eat here as often as we would like if we lived here.]

They tell you exactly which ingredients are organic by marking them with an asterisk, and some have the names of local producers.

We had, for example, an omelet filled with fresh locally grown organic shiitake mushrooms. It was just stuffed with these wonderful mushrooms.

This restaurant has been producing this model food for more than 40 years. Their commitment is admirable.

More restaurants like this please!

I love this very clear statement included on each menu breakfast & lunch.