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Thanksgiving 2 of 6: The Turkey and The Sandwich

Debra Redalia


My turkey sandwich had a mix of pomegranate seeds, mayo, and green onions, along with lettuce, on whole grain bread.


After deciding to make Turkey Tikka Masala for our Thanksgiving Dinner, the first thing we needed was some turkey, and specifically some leftover turkey.

The only turkey we could find in the small town where we were shopping was the whole turkey. Fortunately, we were able to buy the breast only, since there was only two of us. It wasn’t organic or free-range or local or even whole, but it was the turkey we could find, and at least it was an actual bird and not turkey meat from the deli.

We roasted the turkey on Tuesday evening—a six-pound breast at 350 degrees for 2 1/2 hours. It was perfectly cooked and delicious. All I did was put it in the oven with a little salt and pepper on the skin. I had no turkey neck to make broth for basting, so I just basted it with water. Perfect.

We ate a few ounces on Tuesday night for a snack, then let it cool completely before putting all the meat of the bones. Then we stored it in the refrigerator.

The Sandwich

My favorite part of the Thanksgiving turkey is actually the sandwich the next day.

So on Wednesday for lunch made a turkey sandwich.

For bread, I used Dave’s Killer Bread Good Seed Bread. It is a wheat bread with actual organic whole grain wheat and whole seeds—enough whole food that the small amount of wheat flour does not affect our weight or blood sugar. So if occasionally we want a sandwich, this is the best bread we know of.

Then I mixed pomegranate arils with chopped green onions and a little mayo to use as a spread.

I toasted the bread, spread on the pomegranate mayo, piled on the turkey, and topped it with farmer’s market lettuce and the other slice of toasted bread.

It was the best turkey sandwich I’d ever eaten. Larry agreed. Try this.