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Thanks to the Earth for Giving

Debra Redalia


On Thanksgiving Day, remember and acknowledge that every food we eat comes from a living plant or animal in the natural world.

Today—Thanksgiving Day—Larry and I would like to invite each of you to join us around our table as we give thanks to the Earth for all the food it provides to us each and every day of the year.

We acknowledge that every bite we take and all the nourishment that supports our body in good health comes from from plants and animals and the sun and air and soil and rain that makes all food grow.


For this support from Life that supports each of our lives, we give thanks.


And we give thanks that we eat and live and have our being within the whole system of Life that provides for all.


Here in America, the tradition is to celebrate Thanksgiving together as one nation, but the reason we have Thanksgiving is not what is commonly thought. Here is a comprehensive account of the actual origins of American Thanksgiving.

But the whole idea of Thanksgiving goes way back to the time when humans obtained food directly from the Earth instead of a package or a supermarket.

In pre-industrial societies, all food came from the Earth. People then had a direct experience of hunting and gathering and foraging and growing the food they ate. They knew their food was a gift from the Earth and they had many ceremonies and festivals for giving thanks.

Where crops were grown, the harvest had been gathered and stored for the winter. Where animals were raised, many were slaughtered and eaten or preserved because there was no feed to take them through the winter months. This time of year everyone was collecting and storing food to last over the winter until the Earth would start to produce more food in the spring, and they gave thanks for the bounty they had received for the year.

This holiday is tied to Nature and nourishment and community. It’s a time of coming together, sharing the harvest, and making sure everyone is taken care of.

We don’t need to tie Thanksgiving to history to give thanks today in our own ways for the bounty of food we receive from the Earth all year. We can each give thanks from our own feeling of gratitude for food provided by the Earth.