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Taking a Break to Reorganize

Debra Redalia


Photo: Kathleen Clements Design

Over the weekend, it finally became clear to me that I need to get a new desktop computer. It had been having problems so I took it in and didn’t have a computer for four days so couldn’t write this week’s posts. And at the end of all that they couldn’t even diagnose the problem. So now it’s get a new computer and transfer all the data and reorganize everything.

So I’m going to take this opportunity for a few of weeks of reorganization to set things up for a new phase of production for Wholefood Cuisine.

I have some projects I’ve been working on in the background that I want to finish. And I just want to clean up little things on the website.

A lot is opening up in my life and work and it’s just time to reorganize for a new phase.

We’ll be back soon!