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Sweet Pickled Grapes

Debra Redalia


One day, a few weeks ago, Larry and I needed to escape the horrible air quality that was the result of local wildfires. So we drove over to the Pacific Ocean and drove up very scenic Highway 1 to the famous Timbercove Resort for lunch.

They have a very beautiful restaurant right on the cliffs overlooking the ocean, where we have eaten i the past. It was closed that day but they were serving lunch in a lovely courtyard on the other side of the lodge, which was perfect.

We ordered the cheese board which is full of local cheeses, breads, and various condiments that change according to the available ingredients and the chef’s creativity.

On our board that day were an amazing little sweet pickle relish made from grapes. Sweet pickled grapes!

They were so good I could hardly wait for Saturday so I could go to the farmer’s market and get the ingredients.

I made mine with

  • red seedless grapes
  • red scallions
  • white balsamic vinegar

All I did was cut the grapes in half so they could easily absorb the vinegar, cut thin slices of scallion and break them into rings, and sprinkle with vinegar. I used quite a bit of vinegar.

You can eat them right away and also store them in the refrigerator to eat later. Fresh, they are crunchy and sparkling. Over time, the vinegar will break down the grapes so the texture is more like a pickle, and the vinegar mixes with the grape juice to become more mellow. I love them both ways.

Now is the time to make these, while grapes are being harvested.

Sweet pickles are my favorite, so i was very happy to learn I can make them without refined sugar.

This is the Timbercove Coast Kitchen restaurant where we ate these pickles.