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Rice Diet Revival


75-page ebook with all the instructions you need to
lose weight fast
and lower your blood sugar
while eating delicious wholefoods.


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Debra & Larry
Do the Rice Diet

In the month of June 2020, Larry and I did the Rice Diet following the instructions in my Rice Diet Revival ebook.
By June 30, we had the following results:
* I lost 8 lbs and my blood sugar was consistently under 200 for the entire month—something that has never happened in the 20 years I’ve been struggling with diabetes. Many days my fasting blood sugar was under 150 and one day it even went down to 107.
* Larry lost 7 lbs and his blood sugar stayed so consistently in the normal range that he has now lowered his insulin by eight units and it his fasting blood sugar is still  in the normal range.
And this happened even through we ate whatever we wanted for two days for my birthday.
Larry said, “Let’s do this again for another month! I’m proud of us. We did good. It’s working to get us to where we want to be—having normal weight and blood sugar—ao there’s no reason to stop.

The Forgotten Diet That
Lowered Our Blood Sugar and
Helped Us Lose Weight
When Nothing Else Worked

In June 2016, my left eye suddenly went blind as a result of years of uncontrolled blood sugar.

It wasn’t that I wasn’t doing things to control my body’s blood sugar—I was doing exactly what my doctors were telling me to do, in particular to eat a very-low-carb diet and then a paleo diet—but my blood sugar kept going up and up until I was forced to go on insulin.

When I announced in my newsletter that I needed to have eye surgery because I the retina in my left eye was detached, one of my readers—a retired ophthalmologist—wrote to me immediately and said, “You must go on this diet to save your life.”

He sent me a medical journal article about it, with results but no instructions. It took me three months to do the research necessary to put this together, but finally, in October I was able to try this diet for a full month and the result was my blood sugar dropped 133points in 33 days!

I also lost 20 pounds. Larry did the diet too and had similar results. We LOVE the food! It’s easy to prepare, and affordable. You can flavor the basic recipes to taste like any international cuisine you prefer. Larry even created a dish that is so good we now call it “Larry’s Italian Comfort Food.”! And it really is comforting.

Life intervened after that first month and we weren’t able to stay on the diet every day like this and of course, our blood sugar went up and we gained weight…again. But we didn’t gain it all back and now had the tools to use the method for a few days or a week at a time to at least keep things under some control.

But over the last three-and-a-half years, we kept going back to this diet over and over and every time we did, immediately our blood sugar would go down and we would lose weight.

And now I’ve written everything I know about it in my Rice Diet Revival ebook.

I’m calling it the Rice Diet Revival because it actually is a revival of an old diet created by a doctor at Duke University in the 1940s. It was so successful, people came from all over to do the diet—even Hollywood celebrities! But it fell out of favor when drugs were invented to treat all the health problems that disappeared when people went on this diet. Then in the 1970’s a different doctor and his nurse wife wrote a book about their version of the Rice Diet, which became a New York Times bestseller. But again, it couldn’t compete with the industrial-model diet plans like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig.

I am reviving the Rice Diet today because it worked for me after a lifetime of diets failed. I am providing the exact diet structure as it has always been, with updated instructions and tools to make planning and preparation of meals easy—and it’s all wholefoods. And delicious recipes.

I am not a doctor and I make no medical claims. I am simply giving you information for your own use, based on my research and experience.

<<<<<<<< On 1 June 2020, Larry and I started doing my Rice Diet Revival diet and we’re reporting on our experience right here on this page—what we are eating, our blood sugar and weight statistics—everything. It’s right there to the left.

Buy your own copy of my Rice Diet Revival ebook right now. 

Debra 🙂

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The food on the Rice Diet is easy to prepare—once you know how—and can be flavored to taste like any cuisine in the world.

I’m on a mission to work out dishes from all the major cultures for my own enjoyment and I am happy to share them with you.

So, I’ve put together a paid membership group where you will be able to access everything as I am compiling it. And you will be able to request recipes you would like to have created. I don’t want you to have to wait a year until I compile a cookbook.

Sign up today at Rice Diet Revival International Culinary Adventure.

I’m here to help you with any aspect of the Rice Diet—from figuring out what to eat to giving you emotional support.

Call me 10-4 Pacific Time Monday-Friday or by appointment.


$45 for 15 minutes + $3/minute for additional time

I am not a medical doctor and do not give medical advice. I only offer assistance in applying the principles of diet outlined in this book. 

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