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Perfectly Ripe Raspberries

Debra Redalia


Perfectly ripe raspberries in my garden.

On Friday, Larry and I were in the garden and noticed that the raspberries on our raspberry canes were starting to turn red.

Larry lifted up one of the canes, which were bending over under the weight of the berries and one of the raspberries fell off into his hand. He gave it to me to eat.

It was amazing! The best raspberry I had ever eaten. The flavor was raspberry x 100! I used to grow raspberries in my backyard about 20 years ago, but this raspberry was even better than those raspberries.

It was like an entirely different berry in comparison to the organic raspberries I buy at my local produce market. Even though they are organic, they are still mass produced under industrial mass production condition.

That one bite made me really appreciate my garden.

Now I want all the food I eat to be garden grown, or grown on a farm small enough to produce food of this quality and aliveness.