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Eating Outside the Industrial Box

Love the Earth and All the Food

While I was having my teeth cleaned recently, I suddenly thought about loving my teeth.

I remembered a passage from the book The Road Less Traveled about love being “effortful” like a teenage boy with his first car spends all his time polishing it and taking care of it. At the time I first read this I thought of it in terms of relationships, but that day my thought was to love my teeth and care for them with that intensity. Brush my teeth wanting them to sparkle and shine and be healthy.

I had the thought to acknowledge my teeth and my body are THERE by loving them and giving them ATTENTION.

And to love every part of my body and my body as a whole.

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Crispy Mushroom Chips

While reorganizing the kitchen today, Larry and I came across a number of jars and glass containers filled with dehydrated mushrooms. We had made them months ago and then after eating a lot of them, we just went on to other foods and forgot about these.
Finding them anew reminded us how much we love “crispy mushroom chips”.

I first learned about these years ago from a blog about cooking real food.

I made them as soon as I could go buy mushrooms.

I couldn’t stop eating them. Really. Because they are wholefoods and very nutritious. You can eat your fill with no ill effects. And you can put any herbs and spices and flavorings that you want on them and they will taste like industrial chips, only better.

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Red Potato Salad With Scarlet Runner Beans & Chive Blossoms

This is an example of how I approach the creation of a dish.

It all started with some beautiful red potatoes on the discount cart at my local produce stand. They were so alive that each one gave me a burst of the aroma of potato when I cut into it and then filled the room with potato as they cooked.

These were small potatoes that I could easily hold in the palm of my hand, so I cut them in eight pieces so each piece would be bite-size.

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Scarlet Runner Beans

I’m going to be writing a lot about beans on this blog because it turns out beans are pretty wonderful and not at all like the beans in the industrial food world. Organic heirloom beans are completely different from canned beans or cheap beans in plastic bags from the supermarket or even the bulk bin at a natural food store. Dried beans can be up to ten years old!

A bean is not a bean is not a bean. I’ve tested more than two dozen types of beans and each has it’s own character and flavor.

I want to start by introducing you to one of my favorites—scarlet runner beans.

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Cleaning Out Your Kitchen to Make More Space for New Food

Now that I am actually writing and publishing Wholefood Cuisine instead of thinking about it, I decided I needed to reorganize my kitchen to really make it efficient for preparing wholefood cuisine.

I’ve been preparing food in this space for about two-and-a-half-years and I found there were things in the space that didn’t need to be here. Like a manual spiralizer I had purchased just before we moved here and have never used. As fun as it is to eat zucchini noodles, part of my ethic now about food is to really keep it simple and have a prepared dish be an expression of the food I am preparing, rather than using the ingredient as raw material forced to look and/or taste like something else. So the spiralizer is in the box that is going to the Goodwill.

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Wholefood Half-Kitchen

I want to show you the kitchen I am preparing food in so you can see that a big kitchen is not required to prepare wholefood cuisine.

This is actually the tiniest kitchen I’ve ever had, but it has all the essentials I need.

I call it Wholefood Half-Kitchen just to be clever with words.

It’s a kitchenette Larry built in the corner of my office. We live with his 88-year-old mother and two siblings. While I do have access to the family kitchen, it’s pretty chaotic for a family of five adults, and I wanted my own space to prepare food, so Larry built this tiny kitchen for me.

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Whole Spring Onions

I just wanted to share a post with you that I wrote on 1 March, when I was hoping I could start this blog. It’s about shopping at the farmers market, seasonal food, and another definition of wholefood.

[start post] Though it is already the first day of March, at the farmer’s market it is still winter. We have a year-round market but today there were only half the number of farmers as there are in the summer, and even they had only a few vegetables to offer.

But it is worth coming to the market because it is on days like today that you will find the first flowering spring onions.

That’s actually all I bought today, but it will enliven my salads this week with the newness of spring.


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What I Eat and Why

What I’m eating while I’m working on this post.

Here’s what I’m, eating right this minute: incredibly amazing cold whole brown rice grown right here in California (I’ll tell you more about this soon), with whole spring onions, a bit of soy sauce, coco aminos and toasted sesame oil, and first organic heirloom cherry tomatoes and Persian cucumbers on the side. It’s so delicious! Took me about five minutes to assemble. I keep this rice cooked in the refrigerator at all times. There are always vegetables, both raw and cooked on hand, and various ingredients for a sprinkle or a sauce. So lunch takes practically no time at all. I build this meal right in a beautiful handmade bowl and eat it with a beautiful fork. Right here is the essence of how I eat. Simple, delicious, local, seasonal, organic, beautiful…

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How I Cook

First, you should know I love to cook and I have been cooking since I was six years old. In 2021 that will be sixty years. So I know a few things about cooking.

I used to cook a lot of different kinds of food, but now in the past three years, I have narrowed it down to only the foods I love to eat most and are best for my body.

I have a very tiny kitchen so I use only a few pots and pans and no longer have all the machines that used to fill my kitchen.

I want everything to be simple, simple, simple.

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Welcome to
Wholefood Cuisine!

This blog is about eating “whole food” that is really whole and about creating a style of wholefood cuisine that comes from the inherent flavors and qualities of the foods themselves, rather than trying to make familiar industrial-style foods from whole ingredients.

To eat in this manner is not only enjoyable, it also benefits health and the environment.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, our industrial food supply is crumbling fast. And we still need to eat. I’ll show you how.