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My Simply Scrumptious Saturday Sandwich From the Farmer’s Market

Debra Redalia


Larry and I just had to share this sandwich with you because we were enjoying it sooooo much!

All the ingredients except the mustard are from our own Sonoma County and even the mustard is from our home state California.

The bread is from an amazing local bakery called Revolution Bread which does not have a retail store but appears at two of the local farmer’s markets on the weekend. So I can get this bread on a Saturday or a Sunday. I am hoping the baker will allow me to come visit soon and write a post. He uses many ancient and unusual grains and mills the grain himself to make flour for bread. This baguette in the photo is made of purple barley (!)—oh-so-good and slightly lavender. We also had a molasses spice cookie made from this same purple barley and two other unusual grains, plus about ten spicy spices that gave this cookie such a depth of flavor. We love these cookies seem to be able to split one between us with no effect on blood sugar.

The cheese is from Marin French Cheese Company. It just happen’s to be the country’s oldest cheese company. When I lived in West Marin, I used to drive by often. They have a lovely site with a pond full of ducks and geese. You can buy bread and cheese there at the creamery and have a picnic next to the pond. French cheeses made from the milk of our local cows. [I realized about a month ago—as I was watching the local cows eating wildflowers in the fields—that the plants we see in the fields are transformed by the cows into their milk. Because I am driving around looking at the cows as I go about my life everyday, I know from what this cheese is made.

The little lettuces are a variety called “baby gems.” I buy it every week from the same farmer at the farmer’s market. Love this lettuce.

And the mustard is Annie’s Organic Honey Mustard. This is my go-to-mustard. I wish it came in a glass jar, but it’s organic and local.

Eating this simple sandwich was soooo satisfying—deeply deeply deeply satisfying—because of the quality of the ingredients. With every bite we were eating the land and the love of the people who made each ingredient for their community. It is food made by humans for humans. And we feel that in every bite. Eating this sandwich, we directly support the people who are growing and making the food—no middlemen.

We don’t eat cheese and bread and molasses spice cookies every day. But on Saturdays, when we go to the market, we eat whatever the farmer’s bring for our baskets. And we love every bite.