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My New Wolf Professional Chef Kitchen Range

Debra Redalia


Our tiny Wolf stove is actually a commercial model, but only 24″ wide. Larry calls it our “wolf cub” stove. RIght now it’s installed in a storage room and I’m cooking on it there until our tiny house is ready for it. It’s missing a knob, but a whole new set of red knobs are on their way. And red cotton hot pads are coming too. 🙂

For almost three years now, I’ve been cooking in a tiny kitchen in the corner of my office.

When Larry and I moved here with his Mom, we thought it would be temporary, but the longer we stay the more we see that it meets our needs as well as Mom’s needs so we’re starting to do things to make our living quarters more comfortable and convenient.

We’re also building a tiny house on a motorhome chassis so when the time comes to leave it will be easy for us to drive away into the next chapter of our lives.

Since starting Wholefood Cuisine, I’ve really been feeling like I need more than one induction burner and a toaster oven that cannot be used at the same time.

Larry and I agreed it was time to get a stove that would eventually end up in our tiny house, but that I could use now.

What we needed was what is called an “apartment stove” which is 24” or less. At the same time, it needed to be big enough for my half-sheet baking pan, which I used to use a lot when I had an actual oven.

We went and looked at new stoves that were the right size, but I didn’t like any of them.

Then all of a sudden I remembered seeing a small Wolf stove many years ago.

We were sitting in the car after coming out of an appliance store.

I said to Larry, “You know, I just thought of this stove I saw years ago. It was a small version of a Wolf stove, which is made for professional chefs. Could we just find a store that sells these and go look at it and find out how much it costs?”

Before I even finished the sentence, Larry already had his cell phone out and was typing “Wolf stove” into Craig’s List.

“You mean this stove?”

It was the exact stove I had remembered. A 24” Wolf Stove. $400.

We had some adventures getting the stove, and it needed some cleaning up, but I now have a stove. It’s not just any stove. It’s a Wolf stove, which is designed for professional chefs.

I really didn’t understand the difference between an ordinary home-use stove and a professional chef stove.

But now I do. They are like night and day. 

One difference is that professional chef stoves are heavy-duty workhorse stoves, designed to be used for hours on end, day in and day out. So they are very reliable.

And they are designed for precision adjustments of heat. The knobs just say “off” and “on”—not high, medium, and low. The oven knob has temperatures as usual.

There are no bells and whistles. No clocks, no timers, nothing electric that can go wrong and need expensive repair. Just a stove and oven with gas lines and knobs. That’s it. It has a back to protect the wall and a little shelf at the top. It’s designed for function, and being functional, it has its own charming style that I love. Anyone with a few tools and know-how could adjust and repair it.

This stove will last forever.

I have to say, having a professional stove is making me feel like a professional. chef. The right stove for me is a professional stove. I recognized this and was able to get one right away for a price less than a new home-use stove. New, this stove costs $3600.

The first time I turned the knob and the flames fired up I knew something was different. These burners are 17,500 BTU, each one! Home stove burners are around 7000 BTU on high [read more about BTUs]. What this does is allow you to cook a lot faster. Water boils in less than a minute. But what I love about it is I have to learn the nature of the fire and how to control it, because I’m actually controlling flame, and not a heat setting on a knob.

It’s a whole different experience. One that is making me smile as I am sitting here typing this.