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Mexican Bean & Rice Salad With Fat-Free Tamarind Mole Dressing

Debra Redalia


I just finished making this delicious bean salad for lunch with Larry.

I had cooked heirloom coco beans this morning (we got them from a local farmer), so I made this salad a bean-salad-with-rice instead of a rice-salad-with-beans, to celebrate these wonderful beans and make them the star of the salad.

Then I a smaller amount of rice, chopped celery, chopped red onion and chopped green onion.

The fat-free dressing is made of white balsamic vinegar, organic honey, and a squeeze of chili paste in a tube that I bought because I couldn’t resist that it was tamarind, cocoa mole chili paste. Delicious!

I learned that flavorful pastes like chili pastes are a good way to add flavor and a little body to fat-free dressings, so I’ll be looking for more pastes.

Hmm, the same company also has an indian curry chili paste and a harissa chili paste. I think I should try those too. Organic.

Oh, too bad. Unavailable as some of my favorite food products are nowadays. But here’s a link in case they come back.