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Love the Earth and All the Food

Debra Redalia











While I was having my teeth cleaned recently, I suddenly thought about loving my teeth.

I remembered a passage from the book The Road Less Traveled about love being “effortful” like a teenage boy with his first car spends all his time polishing it and taking care of it. At the time I first read this I thought of it in terms of relationships, but that day my thought was to love my teeth and care for them with that intensity. Brush my teeth wanting them to sparkle and shine and be healthy.

I had the thought to acknowledge my teeth and my body are THERE by loving them and giving them ATTENTION.

And to love every part of my body and my body as a whole.

I realized I don’t even know what my pancreas looks like. How different might it be if I LOVED it, just as we thrive as human beings when we are loved.

And to love the Earth as a whole and every part of it. Love birds and trees and rivers. Love all the food we eat, give thanks to the living plants and animals that are nourishing our bodies and the water we drink.

And to see ourselves as interconnected with the whole in everything we do, starting with food. Where did that food come from and who grew it?

When I go to the farmer’s market and the FARMER puts the food in my hand and I put the money in his hand, I know where my food came from. And I go home and make something to eat that nourishes my body in a way that nothing from the supermarket or even the natural food store ever can.