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It’s the Season for Apples

Debra Redalia

I always thought that apples were a winter fruit, until I moved to Sonoma County California at the end of September 2017 and found that apple season was coming to an end at my local farmers market.

But that didn’t mean there were no more apples to be harvested. It turns out that there are many many more varieties of apple than the red, green and gold apples offered all year long in the supermarket.
I found many of them on trees on the property of the home of Larry’s parents, where they had been planted over 25 years. And many others at our local farmer’s markets.

Here the first apples are the Gravensteins, and then we go on from there (see the list to the right). Each of these apples have their own color, size and especially flavor from sweet to tart.

Eating a fresh apple in season is a joy. The supermarket apples are available all year long because they sit in refrigeration. Try a real apple and see the difference.