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In the Depths of Winter, Life is Laying the Roots of Our Food Supply For the Coming Year

Debra Redalia


Pea shoots are the first sign that spring is coming at our local farmer’s market

Over the holiday, I have been working diligently on website upgrades and “background” content that explains some of the fundamentals on which Wholefood Cuisine is based.

I’m still in the process of doing that work and still need a couple more weeks. It’s an appropriate activity for winter, while all life is underground, doing the prepatory work for bursting into view as spring begins to emerge at the beginning of February.

There is little food at the farmer’s market this time of year, but on Saturday my favorite farmer had the first pea shoots, which I love. I just toss them in my salad with whatever winter lettuces I can get.

I expect to resume regular posting on this blog after the Inauguration, as our country begins a whole new cycle with a new President. We have an opportunity in this coming year to build our country anew on good foundations. I know climate change will be on the agenda and I will be writing some about how each of us can help move things in the right direction with our food choices.

A lot of new things will be coming this year.

See you soon!