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I Love Kumquats!

Debra Redalia


On Saturday morning Larry and I went to one of my local farmer’s markets and one farmer had a box of kumquats.

“Larry!” i shrieked. “Come buy these kumquats!” He was holding the two-for-one farmer’s market coupons he receives because he is disabled. Not only does he get money on an account but if we present it at the farmer’s market, we get coupons worth $2 for every $1 he takes from this account.

They reminded me of when I fell in love with kumquats when we live in Florida. I came to love kumquats so much that one year I even went to our local Kumquat Festival in nearby Dade City, which is known as “The Kumquat Capital of the World.” Lucky me!

You may have never even heard of a kumquat if you don’t live in Florida or California. I’m not sure how far and wide they are shipped.

They are a wonderful little bite-sized citrus fruit that you just pop into your mouth whole—skin and seeds and pulp and all.

It’s a juicy bittersweet citrus bite.

It’s citrus without all the sugar of an orange.

At the Kumquat Festival, they make all kinds of things with kumquats, the most popular being kumquat pie. But I can’t wait to make something. I just eat them as they appear in Nature, I eat them and eat them and eat them all season. Because when the season is over, they are gone.

Kumquats come in several varieties. My favorite is Meiwa. But I will eat any kumquats. My local natural food store usually carries three or four varieties, all clearly labeled. I usually buy about a pound a week during their season.

The point I want to make here is not for you to eat kumquats if they don’t grow where you live, but to look around and see if there are fruits you can savor for their sweetness and flavor, and enjoy them as much as any dessert. Find out what’s local where you live and revel in these seasonal treasures.