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How I Cook

Debra Redalia


First, you should know I love to cook and I have been cooking since I was six years old. In 2021 that will be sixty years. So I know a few things about cooking.

I used to cook a lot of different kinds of food, but now in the past three years, I have narrowed it down to only the foods I love to eat most and are best for my body.

I have a very tiny kitchen so I use only a few pots and pans and no longer have all the machines that used to fill my kitchen.

I want everything to be simple, simple, simple.

My basic food philosophy is to start with the best ingredients I can obtain and do very little to them. It’s more a matter of preparing them properly to bring out their best, rather than adding other flavors to them.

And source the foods as close to my mouth as possible.

Most of the food I eat is not cooked at all. But I do eat cooked food. I’ll be writing more about this soon.

I have a pattern I’ve developed of how to put together meals (I’ll show you this soon), so I just follow the pattern of so much of each type of food and it is very easy.

I have to say, I love this way of eating more than any other I’ve ever experienced. And Larry loves it too. Whenever I go off this pattern, I just want to come back to it, and I do, over and over.

It’s just the best and most delicious way to eat.