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Frosty Whole Fruits

Debra Redalia


This is only one of 22 Stunning Frozen Fruit Bars and Popsicles . You may need to swap out some ingredients to suit your preferences, but they are all made with whole fruit in creative ways.

In the heat of summer, there is nothing more refreshing than the juicy fruits of the season—except frosty *cold* fruits. Use the ripest fruits as they reach their peak, and you’ll get their maximum sweetness.

Of course, all fruits are wonderful eaten simply whole or sliced. Here are some easy ways to turn fruits into frozen treats.


Whole fruit

Slice whole fruit and place it on a cookie sheet. Put it in the freezer and freeze until solid. Or purchase frozen fruits.

Remove the frozen fruit from the freezer and place it in a food processor. Process about thirty seconds or until it is ground into a fine powder, like snow.

Serve this snow

  • as is, alone
  • mounded in a bowl surrounded by a pool of cream (one of my personal favorites)
  • over yoqurt
  • mix it with a rubber spatula–the particles will begin to melt and stick together to make sorbet
  • add some cream while processing to make fruit ice cream.

At the moment Larry and I are loving eating frozen organic bing cherries. They are perfectly ripe and sweet. We get them in a big bag at Costco.

Whole fruit pureed

When you have good juicy ripe fruit, puree it in the food processor, then freeze the puree. Pour the puree in a shallow dish to make a thin layer, rather than a thick block. When the puree is frozen, remove it from the dish (you may need to soak the dish in warm water) and break it up into pieces. Then process it in the food processor to make snow, and serve as above.

Or, you can make popsicles. Place the puree in plastic popsicle containers (available during the summer in the seasonal aisle at many stores) and freeze.

If you can find a shaved ice maker, you can freeze the puree in the containers that come with the ice shaver, and then shave the frozen puree to make fruit shaved ice.

Please eat whole frozen fruits and not fruit juice treats, as the juice is not the whole fruit.