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Festive Fruit Instead of Birthday Cake

Debra Redalia


You can easily make your own edible arrangement with instructions from MAVIS BUTTERFIELD: How to Make An Edible Arrangement

Over the weekend, one of Larry’s sisters came over to bring Larry a gift.

She said, “I would have brough chocolate cake, but I thought you would prefer fruit!” And she handed him a tray of an assortment of fruits, cut into bite-sized pieces.

Well, in fact, as much as we love chocolate cake, we really appreciated that she brought us fruit that would support our dietary choices instead of hinder our goals.

This reminded me of Edible Arrangements, which I have known about for years but never pursued. I had an idea that I might want an edible arrangement for my birthday, so I looked them up. It’s too commercial for me. Not organic. And instead of being just fruit, there are all types of goodies mixed in. I don’t need my strawberries dipped in industrial chocolate, I just want a really delicious, excellent quality strawberry.

I would love a beautiful bouquet of fresh organic fruits for my birthday. I may have to make it myself.

But even if someone went to a natural food store and farmer’s market and brought me the most beautiful fruits they could find, in a portion Larry and I could eat over a couple of days and really enjoy, I would love that more than chocolate cake.

If you want to send organic fruit as a gift, just reach on “organic fruit delivered” and you will get many choices.

I can see at least in our family we are moving toward giving healthy whole foods for gifts instead of industrial desserts. Yay!