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Eliminating Single Use Plastics From Your Kitchen

Debra Redalia


Sometimes I come across articles that are so well written I don’t see any point in rewriting them myself.

Such is the case with How To Tackle The Single-Use Plastic Crisis in Your Kitchen which appeared in the Serious Eats blog this week.

With all the take-out food from the pandemic, the use of single-use plastics is at an all-time high, with corresponding environmental consequences.

This post thoroughly explains the issue and helps you figure out how you can reduce your use of single-use plastics.

My best advice on the subject, of course, is to prepare all your meals at home from ingredients purchased at the farmer’s market or and carried home in a reusable basket, or grown in your own backyard. No plastic involved.

But even though I mostly follow my own advice in this regard, occasionally a single-use plastic slips in now and then. This article made me take a look at that and consider what I can do to eliminate these plastics entirely,

One of those occasions is when I buy vegetable sushi for lunch. A few years ago I bought the tools to make my own sushi, but never got around to learning how to use it. This post gave me a gently nudge to take yet another step to eliminate an environmental effect by using my own skill rather than purchase something in plastic made by someone else.

Please look around, see how single-use plastics creep into your kitchen, and consider what you can do about it.