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Edible Plants in My Garden

Debra Redalia


Larry and I are very happy that we are growing more edible plants than ever in our garden.

We have now planted the following:

Tomatoes (13 varieties)

* Black Cherry
* Ciliegimo Siciliano
* San Marzano
* Talvez
* Roma
* Tazmanian Chocolate
* San Francisco Fog
* Green Bee
* Pink Bumblebee
* Sungold
* Red Pear and Yellow Pear
* Babywine
* and one without a tag

* Scarlet Runner Beans
* Cannelini Beans

Lettuce mix (varieties unknown)

Broccoli – heirloom Calabrese

Amaranth – red leaf and yellow leaf

Potatoes – various varieties

replanted roots from flowering spring onions

Edible Flowers
* Heirloom Pansies
* Nasturtiums
* Rose Geranium (wonderful with strawberries!)


* Sequoia
* Alpine
* a variety native to California

* Chives
* Stevia
* Cilantro
* Parsley
* Mint – several varieties
* Basil – heirloom variety
* Lavender

Our garden is growing so well this year! Larry and I go look at it together every day and Larry waters it.

If everyone would grow food around their houses instead of industrial landscaping, there would be no food shortage.

Larry’s sister just bought some equipment to start keeping bees, so we may do that too.

You can grow food anywhere. Even in pots if all you have it cement.

Back during World War I and World War II when there were food shortages, Americans were encouraged to grow Victory Gardens.

Even if you have never grown edible plants before, I encourage you to state now.

If you do have a garden, we would love to know what you are growing and what you are eating from your garden.

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