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Eating Whole While Moving to a New Home

Debra Redalia


Last week I didn’t do much cooking because Larry and I were moving to our new home! You can read all about the move at LIFELY: Our New Home. Basically we moved out of our bedroom where we had been living in Larry’s Mom’s house into our tiny-house-under-construction and a storage room, about 100 feet away. So no moving truck, but a lot of walking and carrying.

Larry and I moved everything ourselves so it actually took five days. It took a lot of time and walking back and forth between the main house and the storage room in another building.

Fortunately, my office and kitchen were not being moved so we could still eat. But I just didn’t have the time or energy or attention to prepare all three meals as I usually do.

But we did do pretty well with our wholefood eating.

I got up every morning and made our usual Whole “Cereal & Fruit” Breakfast of brown rice and fresh fruit.

Then for lunch I stopped working and made a large salad for us with red-leaf lettuce, brown rice, whole chickpeas, green onions, a crumble of feta cheese, a sprinkle of raisins, black olives, and a dressing of bottled organic BBQ sauce, white balsamic vinegar, and honey. I just made sure at the beginning of the week that I had all these salad ingredients on hand and that they we’re prepped and all I needed to do was assemble.

By the time we got to dinner, we just went out to eat. Most nights it was take out, but one night we actually got to sit out on a heated patio and eat in the restaurant.

I noticed that a number of our local restaurants actually had menu items like whole grain salads with nuts and vegetables in addition to their italian food or whatever. After we get organized in our new home, I’m going to take another look at our local menus so I know where I can get the most whole food at our local restaurants. And I’m going to make a list. We actually have a little Mexican restaurant called Viva Mexicana, which we love because they take rice and beans and vegetables and spice them up to taste like really good Mexican food. They also have meat dishes, but a lot of plant foods to choose from too. So look around in your community and make a list, so when you can’t eat whole at home for whatever reason, you know where to go.

Even though we weren’t perfect, I learned that I could keep to our wholefood regime with some advanced planning and preparation. If I had the time and forethought, I could have filled the refrigerator with preprepared dinners that just needed to go in the oven, but so much was going on that didn’t happen this time.

Despite our best-laid plans for a continuous orderly life, there are interruptions. If we consider in advance what we might do on those occasions, it’s easier to keep on track.