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Debra’s Successful Diet to Improve Diabetes and Overweight When Nothing Else Worked



In June 2016, my left eye suddenly went blind as a result of years of uncontrolled blood sugar.

It wasn’t that I wasn’t doing things to control my body’s blood sugar—I was doing exactly what my doctors were telling me to do, in particular to eat a very-low-carb diet and then a paleo diet—but my blood sugar kept going up and up until I was forced to go on insulin.

When I announced in my newsletter that I needed to have eye surgery because I the retina in my right eye was detached, one of my readers—a retired ophthalmologist—wrote to me immediately and said, “You must go on this diet to save your life.”

He sent me a medical journal article about it, with results but no instructions. It took me three months to do the research necessary to put this together, but finally in October I was able to try this diet for for a full month and the result was my blood sugar dropped 125 points in 33 days!

I also lost 20 pounds. Larry did the diet too and had similar results. We LOVE the food! It’s easy to prepare, and affordable. You can flavor the basic recipes to taste like any international cuisine you prefer. Larry even created a dish that is so good we now call it “Larry’s Italian Comfort Food.”! And it really is comforting.

Life intervened at after that first month and we weren’t able to stay on the diet every day like this and of course our blood sugar went up and we gained weight.

But over the last three-and-a-half years, we kept going back to this diet over anad over and every time we did, immediately our blood sugar would go down and we would lose weight.

I am finally to a point where I am ready to share this diet with others.

I have the time to organize my materials and put it together, and most important, to supervise a group doing the diet to do a “trial” of the program under our supervision.

We are not doctors, but we are real-life people who have three-and-a-half years experience doing a diet that actually works to lower blood sugar and reduce body weight. We will share with you our data and experience and coach you through it.

My next project now is to put this all together in a course. I don’t have all the details together yet, but if you are interested in finding out more, add your name to our mailing list below.

For the duration of this course, Larry and I will do the diet with you, report on our experience, what we are eating—everything. And when we see that we can communicate this to others and they can have success, then we will figure out how to make it available to more people.

So if you are interested, ADD YOUR NAME TO THE MAILING LIST USING THE BOX BELOW and we will let you know as soon as we are ready with the course! You are also welcome to contact us with any questions you have.

Debra 🙂

P.S. As I have only one eye left, it has been extremely important to me to save it. I am happy to report that since starting this diet, I have had no deterioration of vision in my right eye—my glasses prescription has stayed exactly the same for the past three years and I have 20/20 vision in that eye when wearing my glasses. This is amazing to me because prior to this diet my eyesight was getting worse and worse fairly quickly.

This diet is working so well for us, we consider it to be unethical not to offer it to others who could benefit from it. It just might work for you too.


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