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Wholefood Cuisine



cuisine:  a style of cooking characterized by distinctive ingredients, techniques and dishes, and usually associated with a specific philosophy, need, culture, or geographic region. 
Every major cuisine in the world originated in nature.
People ate the edible foods available to them in the wild, which eventually turned into a cuisine based on the nature of their place.
Everyone knew how to prepare those foods, and each cook prepared common dishes in their own unique way to suit their taste.
Humans have been eating since the beginning of our existence. The first cookbook wasn’t written until Roman times. All the food that was eaten was basically gathered, hunted or grown until industrialization took over the food supply. Now our cuisine is industrial.
I think about food as if there is no supermarket. What is growing around me wild or intentionally? What can I do with that food?
One of my delights in the past was having raspberry canes in my garden from a neighbor who gave them to everyone in our little village—we had our own local raspberry variety. Another neighbor there gave me tomato plants that had been established locally.