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Cleaning Out Your Kitchen to Make More Space for New Food

Debra Redalia


I found all the foods that had been sitting around for a long time because I purchased them to try them and then never did. Now they are all together on a shelf with a sign that gets my attention to eat them.

Now that I am actually writing and publishing Wholefood Cuisine instead of thinking about it, I decided I needed to reorganize my kitchen to really make it efficient for preparing wholefood cuisine.

I’ve been preparing food in this space for about two-and-a-half-years and I found there were things in the space that didn’t need to be here. Like a manual spiralizer I had purchased just before we moved here and have never used. As fun as it is to eat zucchini noodles, part of my ethic now about food is to really keep it simple and have a prepared dish be an expression of the food I am preparing, rather than using the ingredient as raw material forced to look and/or taste like something else. So the spiralizer is in the box that is going to the Goodwill.

I also had what I considered to be a lot of food sitting on shelves—not because I was storing it, but because it was waiting for me to have time to try it and experiment with it. I will often buy a food because it looks interesting but then don’t have time to follow up and actually prepare it. So I gathered up everything I still wanted to try and put in all on one shelf with a sign that says “EAT ME.” That will get my attention!

Then I hunted for anything that I could remove from shelves to give me more space. I found one shelf had a row of bottles containing all the salt-free seasonings I could find at Costco—in 2012. I was attempting a salt-free diet so that’s what I did. I haven’t eaten them I think since 2012. They were not only expired, they were as hard as rocks. That opened up a whole shelf for big storage jars for nuts and beans and grains.

It’s good to go through your kitchen every once in a while and toss out anything you no longer use or want and make space for new foods and equipment and ideas.

So I invited you to do the same as we embark on our journey together to create wholefood cuisine.

I found space for large jars of nuts and beans and meals on a top shelf laying on their side. This is more efficient use of space and easier to access than standing them up on a shelf two-deep. I removed a row of jars that contained salt-free spice mixes that expired in 2012.