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Chinese Asparagus with Mushrooms and Spring Onions

Debra Redalia



This is a perfect dish for this time of year when winter is departing and spring is arriving.

The depth of flavor from winter mushrooms pair perfectly with new shoots of spring asparagus.

In this dish, I’ve used the long green ends of green onions, as the Chinese do. I learned this from a lifetime of eating many meals in San Francisco’s Chinatown. At one time I walked through Chinatown to come home from work, so I had ample opportunity to stop for dinner.

Because I go to at least two farmer’s markets every weekend, right now I can get green onions with the whole length of the dark green shoot, instead of chopped off as they do in the supermarket. I enjoy including all of the shoots down to the pointed tips—every inch—and they have a flavor all their own.

This is quick and easy to make.

For Larry and I, I use the following:


1 pound asparagus
1 pound fresh mushrooms, any type. I usually use white button mushrooms but my favorite is fresh shiitake if I can get them. Or use a mix of any mushrooms you like.
1 bunch green onions
soy sauce
ginger, fresh or powdered
whole white sesame seeds
your choice of fat or water


1. Break the asparagus with your hands and only use the top part. Cut into bite-sized pieces.
2. Clean mushrooms and cut in bite-sized pieces. I usually just cut a button mushroom in half. I like them chunky.
3. Cut the shoots of the green onions from the end in pieces about two inches long. Use the white part also or save for another use.
4. Put fat or water in a hot skillet.
5. Throw in the asparagus, then the mushrooms, then the green onions, cooking each for a few minutes before adding the next.
6. Add soy sauce and ginger to taste.
7. Cook until desired doneness, stirring all the while. I prefer al dente.
8. Serve over hot rice and sprinkle with white sesame seeds.

This is also good cold so feel free to make extra and eat it for lunch the following day.

You can also add any protein to this dish that you want.