The Best Way to Wash and Store Greens So They Will Be Ready and Waiting For A Salad Every Day

Well washed and wrapped in a clean cotton towel, lettuce stays cool and crisp for up to a week in my refrigerator

Over the years one of the things I have discovered is that it is much easier to make meals and recipes from fresh ingredients if those fresh ingredients are prepped in advance and ready to go into a pot or pan or on a plate.

For the past couple of months, I have been making a point for Larry and I to each green salad each day, as many days as it is possible, given our busy schedule. Even though we miss some days each week, overall, we have both seen an improvement in our health and energy and our blood sugar is falling even though we are not strictly on our Rice Diet Revival diet. As a result of this Larry has had to lower the amount of insulin he is taking because he wakes up with his blood sugar too low.

Successful Actions of Eating and the Standard Operations Procedure Manual for Food

Earlier this week I had one of those stunning moments where you realize something of staggering importance that changes everything.

You can read the whole story at LIFELY: Successful Actions and the Standard Operations Procedure Manual. Here I just want to show you how this applies to eating and food.

So-Called Natural Sweeteners That Are Not-So-Natural

I was just about to send out my newsletter with the post Maple Syrup and Sugar: The Sweetener of Spring when I received an email promoting an article about sugar alternatives that “won’t poison you.”

I had to click through, of course and find out what these “sugar alternatives” were.

They turned out to be
1. xylitol
2. stevia
3. raw honey
4. molasses

These were presented in the article as “natural solutions.”

But are these sweeteners actually as they occur in nature? Are they whole foods?

Maple Syrup and Sugar: The Sweetener of Spring

my morning brown-rice-and-fruit and then I realized, “Of course! The sap in the maple trees must be rising!” And I was right on time. I just looked it up online and just about that time there was a flurry of news reports that the maple sap was running.

Though it won’t fully be spring until the Spring Equinox this weekend, we are in a period of time where winter is ending and spring is coming, thus the trees are exacting expressing the activity going on in Nature at this time. I love this.

While almost everyone has eaten the industrial imitation “pancake syrup” made from corn syrup, artificial maple flavor and preservatives, real maple syrup is quite a different thing.


Easter and Eggs

Today the Spring Equinox, one of two points in the year where day and night are of equal length. So from today through the summer Summer Solstice, each day gets longer and longer and each night gets shorter and shorter. It is a time where all new life is bursting forth and there is a big surge of forward momentum toward growth all throughout life.

Two weeks from today is Easter, the Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. It’s one of those rare holidays that is calculated by celestial events rather than the civil calendar. Easter falls on the first Sunday after the Full Moon that follows the Spring Equinox. If the Full Moon is on a Sunday, Easter is celebrated on the following Sunday.

Easter eggs are a charming custom that is much older than Easter. What more obvious symbol of new life than the egg?

The Blue Egg

I wrote this some years ago, but I thought of it as I was writing about Spring Equinox. Birds in the wild don’t lay eggs over the winter because it’s too cold for the chicks to survive when they hatch. So finding bird eggs is one of the first signs of spring. I don’t eat many eggs nowadays but in the past I would celebrate spring by eating things like strawberry and ricotta omelets and other egg dishes for a good week after the equinox.

I had been buying local, natural, free-range eggs at the natural food store down the street. They came in a plain white paper carton, with a simple label pasted on. “Hunt and Peck Farms,” read the label. “These ungraded FREE RANGE eggs are hand polished and not washed with detergent. No hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products are added to feed.”

These eggs were delicious, with big bright yellow yolks.

But what was really wonderful for me was that the eggs went into the carton just the way they came from the hen.