Winter Relish With Red Pomegranates & Green Olives

In this post, I’m giving you more details about my process of making the dish and you’ll see more of the creativity at work instead of following a recipe.

Last week I was in a beautiful store and found a cookbook. I opened to a page at random and it was a recipe for a vegetable—I think it was eggplant—that had an amazing “salsa” over the top. Immediately I was intrigued because it contained pomegranates and green olives and walnuts and garlic—four of my favorite foods that also happen to be winter foods. And I had all four of these foods in my kitchen.

What I do when I see a recipe like this is I don’t try to remember the whole recipe or write it down or take a picture of the page, what I do is remember the key ingredients and the impression I have when I see it, and then I come home and create something of my own.

Wholefood Winter Sweets

I know that the holidays are a time when we have many food temptations that are not so whole. While they taste good and may be associated with traditions and feelings of love, they are probably not so good for our bodies.

Some years ago I began to examine holiday foods in my own life and find healthier versions.

Here I’d like to offer you my strategies for having satisfying sweets to eat for the holidays that are also whole and good for you.

Cooking Whole Clam Chowder With Live Clams We Collected on a Local Beach

On Friday Larry and I had an amazing experience. [We found live clams just lying on a local beach after a storm!] Usually you would have to dig these up out of the sand with great effort.

Larry wanted to bring them home and make clam chowder, so we did. The end result was spectacular. It was so delicious and fresh, not at all like canned clam chowder or even restaurant clam chowder, which I don’t like at all. But this was delicious!

Here’s the process we went through, from live clam to chowder.

Thanksgiving 6 of 6: Delicata Crescent Moon Pies

OK, this really is unexpectedly amazing. It really tastes like pumpkin pie, only better.

I had the inspiration to make this dessert for Thanksgiving Dinner while Larry and I were driving through a redwood forest.

I wanted something that would be reminiscent of pumpkin pie, but something easy and light.

Suddenly I thought of Delicata squash that I bake in crescents and I could see them in my mind brushed with butter and sprinkled with whole sugar and pumpkin pie spices.

Thanksgiving 5 of 6: Garlic Spinach

This is so simple it doesn’t need a recipe.

For a 10 ounce box of baby spinach (serves 2)…

Thanksgiving 4 of 6: Pomegranate Raita

Raita is a traditional condiment of South Asian cuisine that is eaten with spicy dishes to cool the palate.

Having eaten raita many times in Indian restaurants alongside spicy entrees, I decided it would be the perfect complement to my Turkey Tikka Masala for my Thanksgiving Dinner.