Successful Actions of Eating and the Standard Operations Procedure Manual for Food

Earlier this week I had one of those stunning moments where you realize something of staggering importance that changes everything.

You can read the whole story at LIFELY: Successful Actions and the Standard Operations Procedure Manual. Here I just want to show you how this applies to eating and food.

So-Called Natural Sweeteners That Are Not-So-Natural

I was just about to send out my newsletter with the post Maple Syrup and Sugar: The Sweetener of Spring when I received an email promoting an article about sugar alternatives that “won’t poison you.”

I had to click through, of course and find out what these “sugar alternatives” were.

They turned out to be
1. xylitol
2. stevia
3. raw honey
4. molasses

These were presented in the article as “natural solutions.”

But are these sweeteners actually as they occur in nature? Are they whole foods?

Eating Whole While Moving to a New Home

Last week I didn’t do much cooking because Larry and I were moving to our new home! You can read all about the move at LIFELY: Our New Home. Basically we moved out of our bedroom where we had been living in Larry’s Mom’s house into our tiny-house-under-construction and a storage room, about 100 feet away. So no moving truck, but a lot of walking and carrying.

Larry and I moved everything ourselves so it actually took five days. It took a lot of time and walking back and forth between the main house and the storage room in another building.

Fortunately, my office and kitchen were not being moved so we could still eat. But I just didn’t have the time or energy or attention to prepare all three meals as I usually do.

But we did do pretty well with our wholefood eating.

Some Problems With Organic Food + The Best Way to Eat Organic

I was all ready to write the second part of this post when I got an email about something else regarding organic food that I had to share with you.

When Organic Foods Are Tainted With Toxic Chemicals

Last week The New York Times published the article [Annie’s Pledges to Purge a Class of Chemicals From Its Mac and Cheese]= with the lead “The move comes nearly four years after a study showed that chemicals believed to cause health problems in children and reproductive issues in adults were found in mass-market macaroni and cheese packets.”

This begs the question: Why is it taking Annie’s four years to remove chemicals that cause health problems in children from their kid-oriented products?

And why were these chemicals in these organic products to begin with?

A Tale of Two Christmas Dinners: Industrial v Homemade

Larry and I live in rather unusual circumstances.

We live with his mom, who is now almost 90 years old and two of his siblings who take care of her. Before we came to live with them three years ago, these three had a ongoing household that also included Larry’s father. When he died in 2017, many things changed, but their household continued on as before in the way the lived and the food they ate. Remarkably Larry’s mom at age 89 is quite healthy—while she has memory problems she has none of the modern industrial diseases of the body. She walks up and back a long driveway every morning to get the paper and every afternoon to get the mail.

They have their ways of doing things and Larry and I have our ways and they aren’t the same. But we all allow each other to “whatever works” as Mom says.

This year what happened for Christmas dinner was that two other siblings who don’t live here decided to send those of us who do live here a preprepared Christmas Dinner from Whole Foods. Because of covid restrictions, we didn’t have a family Christmas as we have had in years past. I was told this dinner was arriving on Wednesday. But generally, I make a Christmas dinner and I still wanted to make it.

Larry and I decided what we wanted for Christmas Dinner and purchased the ingredients.

Winter Solstice—Celebrating the Return of the Sun, the Source of Our Food Supply

Today is Winter Solstice. It is the shortest day of the year and the longest night. Tomorrow morning when the sun rises it will be the first day that the days become longer. Tomorrow is only a few seconds longer here where I live, but as the days become longer and longer, eventually, six months from now on the Summer Solstice, the days will be hours longer.

The importance of this is that all food on the planet required the sun to exist.

We don’t think of this much in our today’s world where we have a constant supply of food from the supermarket, but in times past when there were no supermarkets and no farming, humans obtained their food from their local ecosystems. So they were eating seasonal plants and animals.