I Love Kumquats!

On Saturday morning Larry and I went to one of my local farmer’s markets and one farmer had a box of kumquats.

“Larry!” i shrieked. “Come buy these kumquats!” He was holding the two-for-one farmer’s market coupons he receives because he is disabled. Not only does he get money on an account but if we present it at the farmer’s market, we get coupons worth $2 for every $1 he takes from this account.

They reminded me of when I fell in love with kumquats when we live in Florida. I came to love kumquats so much that one year I even went to our local Kumquat Festival in nearby Dade City, which is known as “The Kumquat Capital of the World.” Lucky me!

You may have never even heard of a kumquat if you don’t live in Florida or California. I’m not sure how far and wide they are shipped.

Almost Whole: Dave’s Killer Bread

Larry and I love bread but have struggled for years between the desire to eat it and the effect ordinary white bread has on our blood sugar and weight.

When I say “white bread” I’m not limiting this reference to Wonder Bread. So many delicious specialty breads—including our famous local San Francisco Sourdough and all the artisan breads now available—are made from the standard white flour. It may be bleached or unbleached, organic or not, but all grains ground to the consistency of flour elevate blood sugar See Why We Need to Eat Whole Food That is Really Whole for the science on this.

Even bread made with whole wheat flour will elevate our blood sugar because even though all the parts of the wheat are there, they are still ground into flour. It’s the changing of the wholeness of the grain into a powder that makes the difference.

But because you can’t make a sandwich without bread (yes, I know, lettuce leaves, but that’s just not the same), we have been continuously looking for a bread made with actual whole grains.

And we finally found one.

Whole Delicata: My Favorite Winter Squash

I love the flavor of winter squashes, but find there is a large variation in the nuance of flavor and also ease of preparation. Big winter squashes like butternut and pumpkin can be difficult and dangerous to cut open and can require a long time to bake.

Delicata squash is small, each to cut, delicious, and takes only a short period of time to bake. Cut in small pieces, it’s only 15-20 minutes.

Because the skin is so thin, you don’t have to peel it, which means you can eat the whole squash, skin and all.

How To Roast A Pumpkin … And Other Winter Squashes

First I want to tell you about pumpkins.

Years ago, I used to make anything “pumpkin” with pumpkin, which is winter squash. And then one day I was watching a cooking show on television and it was suggested that one make pumpkin pie with kabocha squash instead because they had more flavor than pumpkin squash. So I immediately went and bought a kabocha squash and made a pumpkin pie, and was very disappointed. I didn’t like the flavor at all [and now in 2020 I made a kabocha squash and LOVED it. So try it. You might like it.]

But that got me thinking. Maybe there was a winter squash that was better than pumpkin for pumpkin recipes, and after trying many I found one: carnival squash. It’s denser than pumpkin, creamier in texture, and sweeter.

A Different Thanksgiving DInner

Back during the summer I was going through a big shift, and on 23 August I wrote in my journal, “Wow! Something must have shifted because I no longer want to make or eat the Thanksgiving dinner I have loved all my life.” I loved this dinner so much that I would go to great lengths to be able to prepare and eat it, even in difficult circumstances. And now I didn’t want it.

My traditional dinner had evolved over my 65 Thanksgivings…

4 of 4—2018—Why Buy Organic Turkey

In 2017 and 2018 I did a lot of research on turkeys when I first moved here to Sonoma County, California. Originally these posts were posted on my debralynndadd.com website where I was writing about toxic-free products. I’ve moved them here.

Last week I wrote a post about choosing my Thanksgiving turkey.

This week I want to give you more information I just received from the Organic Consumers Association about why you shouldn’t buy the standard supermarket turkey.

I did make a decision about my turkey.