For years I have been making pumpkin recipes and posting them on various food blogs I have had.

There was one that really stood out above the rest. On the original post I wrote:

This is hands-down the best best best pumpkin recipe on the planet! It is just one of those serendipitous “accidents” that resulted from trying to modify a recipe from Southern Living magazine that called for boxed cake mix. It didn’t work out as I expected, but turned out even better!
I highly recommend it as an alternative to pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. Instead of crust, the standard pumpkin pie filling contains morsels of sweet spiced pecans throughout. Mmmmmmmm! The only problem with this recipe is that it is really hard to stop eating it! I brought the test recipe to a pot luck dinner and a friend took one bite and said, “Forget the rest! I’m just having a big plate of this for dinner!” After developing this recipe that year, we served it for our Thanksgiving dinner and it was a hit.

I used to love this. It’s basically pumpkin custard, but instead of putting it in a pie shell, you make these sugary spiced pecans and drop globs of them on top. They kind of melt into the custard while it bakes and creates a crisp layer of sugar on top, like cream brulee. It really is oh so good.

Or at least it used to be. Now, my tastes and food philosophy has changed.

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