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Wholefood Cuisine

Wholefood Cusine is about eating “whole food” that is really whole and about creating a style of wholefood cuisine that comes from the inherent flavors and qualities of the foods themselves, rather than trying to make familiar industrial-style foods from whole ingredients. To eat in this manner is not only enjoyable, it also benefits health and the environment.

Debra Redalia has been cooking since she was six years old and has been writing about health and nature for more than forty years.

As Debra Lynn Dadd, from 2004-2006 she explored how to use then-unfamiliar natural sweetness in her food blog Sweet Savvy. Then ten years later, she wrote about how to cook without toxic chemicals in her food blog The Toxic-Free Kitchen. Her recipes have appeared in several collection cookbooks, including The Green Market Baking Book.

Debra at the Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture bookstore, holding The Green Market Baking Book, which includes a recipe of hers.

Now, Debra shares her experience with wholefoods as part of The Lifely Group, a project she is creating with her soulmate and lifepartner Larry Redalia to show how we can think and live beyond industrial consumerism.