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A Simple Bowl of Rice

Debra Redalia


We eat rice every day at our house, so we are cooking rice every day or two, depending on how many meals we eat rice on any given day.

We often eat cold rice, but long ago started a ritual of eating the first bowl from every pot hot, because it is so delicious. Yes, we could heat up the cold rice, but we don’t mind eating it cold as well, especially in the summer.

We loved to put a tablespoon of butter on that first bowl of hot rice, along with some wheat-free organic soy sauce and coconut aminos.

But since we’ve been doing the Rice Diet Revival diet, we’ve been managing our fat and sodium and decided to leave off the butter and soy sauce.

Last night I made a new pot of rice just so we would be sure to have it already made for breakfast this morning. I asked Larry if he wanted to eat the hot rice for dinner or finish up the cold rice in the refrigerator.

“Hot,” he said.

So I put the hot rice in the bowls, sprinkled it with Coconut Aminao and tossed a few slices of fresh green onion from the farmer’s market on top.

It was just perfect. We oohed and aahed over every bite.

Turning something like an ordinary bowl of rice into something extraordinary doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money. All you need is the desire to create a delicious combination from the foods you have at hand.